О компании

Certification Center "Start Certificate"

Our certification center provides a full range of services for testing and certification of all types of products, we are able to provide flexible prices and the shortest terms for processing any documents, which allows you to save time, money and effort.

With us you will always receive professional service aimed at maximum support and quick solution of all issues arising in the process of paperwork, as well as free advice on any issues related to certification.

Our company provides a full range of services for the preparation of the following documents:
  • Certificates and declarations of conformity GOST R and TR;
  • State Registration Certificate (SGR);
  • Expert conclusion;
  • Fire Safety Certificate / Fire Safety Declaration;
  • Customs union declaration;
  • Development and registration of technical conditions (TU);
  • Customs Union Certificate.
Our company operates in accordance with the following regulations of the Customs Union. View the list.


  • The presence of state accreditation in many areas and the staff of experienced specialists ALLOWS SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS on the cost of permit documents, since we offer everyone favorable conditions.
  • The company employs qualified and certified experts. It will SAVE your time on paperwork. Moreover, the literacy and professionalism of our experts is confirmed not only by the efficiency of the work, but also by the literacy of the formulations, the current selection of the TN VED codes and all the necessary regulations, the ability to competently combine goods in 1 document or 1 protocol and taking into account the required number of required test protocols.
And you can always be sure - you will only have correct permit documents, which are recognized by all regulatory and customs authorities. Many years of experience in certification of various types of products of our company provides a reputation as a reliable partner.

  • We offer an individual solution for each client. THATS WHY YOU WILL GET SPECIAL conditions of cooperation, which we consider PERSONALLY with you, taking into account your benefit.
  • The minimum required number of documents.
  • Free prompt consultation and calculation of applications.
  • An impeccable reputation. We value it and are interested in long-term partnerships. Many, having contacted us once, continue to use the services of our center to this day.
Thus, by becoming our client, you will make the right decision:
  • You will be sure of the legitimacy of the documents, since the certificates and declarations issued by us are recognized by all regulatory and customs authorities;
  • You will receive a decent level of service. Your personal manager is always ready to answer any question.